报 告 人: Michael Röckner 教授

报告题目:A natural extension of Markov processes and applications to singular SDEs





sb沙巴体育官方投注   Michael Röckner教授是国际著名的数学家,目前担任德国数学会主席、德国DFG基金评审委员会委员(40名委员中唯一一位数学委员)、德国洪堡基金评审委员、欧盟科学研究委员会(ERC)前沿基金评审委员会数学部主席(Chair of the Mathematics Panel)、德国Bielefeld大学ZIF交叉科学研究中心主任以及Bielefeld大学数学系系主任,中国科学院国家“千人计划”专家。

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  We develop a general method for extending Markov processes to a larger state space such that the added points form a polar set.  The so obtained extension is an improvement on the standard trivial extension in which case the process is made stuck in the added points, and it renders a new technique of constructing extended solutions to S(P)DEs from all starting points, in such a way that they are solutions at least after any strictly positive time. Concretely, we adopt this strategy to study SDEs with singular coefficients on an infinite dimensional state space (e.g. SPDEs of evolutionary type), for which one often encounters the situation where not every point in the space is allowed as an initial condition. The same can happen when constructing solutions of martingale problems or Markov processes from (generalized) Dirichlet forms, to which our new technique also applies. Joint work with:Lucian Beznea (Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania),Iulian Cîmpean (Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania).